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If you have a business in San Antonio Texas and people owe you money or you have trouble getting customers to pay on time we can help! We are a professional debt collection agency and outsourced receivables management provider located in San Antonio. We help businesses with collecting the money they are owed for medical collections, utility collections, retail collections, apartment collections and more.

Who Should Hire A Collection Agency?

Staying ahead of collections isn’t easy. Knowing when it is a good time to start with outsourcing your collections activities and how to maintain your customer relationships with early-out collections is just a small part of what we do. 

When we collect on your debts we don’t ask you to pay until we collect. Yeah, that’s right, we are a contingency collections agency. Before we begin collecting on your behalf we will work with you to decide how much money you are willing to accept to settle the account, so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish. We are 100% transparent.and have an online reporting system to keep track of collection efforts. You will only pay a specific fractoin what we are able to collect.

Why Work With A Collection Agency?

Debt collection is a skill, especially when you want to preserve your vendor/client relationships. We have many years of experience collecting debts just like yours. Our staff has been trained to know what to say and when to get the most results. We have local debt collectors and don’t oursource your collections to India or some foreign country who does not speak English. We also have the proper equipment, so we sound professional and our collection agents have personality on the phone. Last thing is we are compliant with  HIPPA, federal, state and local collection laws.

Simply put, when you add up the cost and risk running collections operations in-house it is clear outsourcing collections efforts saves money, time and delivers superior results.

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We don’t charge you anything up front, and we only get paid when you get paid. Call our collection agency office in San Antonio today to get started.

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