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We are a full-service collection agency that helps organizations collect past due invoices, unpaid rents, court-ordered judgments and more. If someone owes you or your organization money we can help you get paid!

Best of all, you pay no money out of pocket because we are a contingency collection agency. That means you only pay a percentage of what our professional debt collectors actually collect!

It’s easy to get started. Our debt recovery teams in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and St. Louis are ready to start collecting the money you are owed today.

Increase Your Cashflow

Quickly turn past due receivables, unpaid rents, and court-ordered judgments into cash!

Fast and Friendly Service

As soon as you sign up we will review your cases and assign them to a professional debt collector.

No Out of Pocket Expense

As a contingency collection agency, you only pay a percentage of what we actually collect. It costs nothing to get started!

High Collections Success Rate

Our collection team uses the latest and greatest technology to quickly find the people who owe you money.

Complete Solution

Whether you need a single invoice collected or a complete accounts receivable solution for your organization, we got you covered!

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Did you know that waiting to collect a debt costs you money?

Now is always the best time to put our professional debt collectors to the test.

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Southwest Recovery Services has been featured on CFO Tech Outlook Top 10 Accounts Receivable 2019

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Six Collection Agency Offices Ready to Help You Recover the Money You Are Owed

Dallas Collection Agency Office

Dallas Collection Agency

Houston Collection Agency

Austin Collection Agency Office

Austin Collection Agency

Oklahoma City Collection Agency

San Antonio Collection Agency

St. Louis Collection Agency

Addison Collection Agency

What our clients say

Thank you for keeping current on everything. We do not have anything new at this time. We are very small . I did recommend your company to some other people, though. We are pleased with your service.

Sandy Weiers
Commercial Collection

I wanted to tell you that I spoke with Sandra over at Emergency Vet Clinic and she had wonderful things to say about you. She said that you have already got a lot of their money back for them. She said that she has been giving you some of her meanest clients too. Just wanted to pass on the good word.

Regina Backlund
Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable
Animal Medical Hospital

I have been using the assistance of Southwest Recovery Services for one year now. Their process is simple and efficient. The representatives are friendly and they get the job done! I recommend Southwest to anyone who’s in the business of getting their money’s worth and their money back!
Sarah Chung
The Home Team
Inspection Service

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