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Texas Collection Agency

As a full service collection agency with Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas office locations gets results. Don’t give up on past due invoices and uncollected court ordered judgements. As a contingency collection agency you only pay us small portion of what we collect. Put our professional and courteous debt collectors to work today and start turning bad debt into fast cash.

A Collection Agency Helping Small and Large Businesses Get Paid

Southwest Recovery Services is a Texas collection agency, but we pursue past due invoices and court ordered judgements across the United States and around the world. So if someone skipped town, is unreachable, or simply refuses to pay a valid debt or court ordered judgement give us a call. Our collection teams in Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas will get right to work on your case, and our collection agency services costs you nothing unless we recovery money on your behalf.

We solve all kinds of collection challenges for companies and organizations like yours

  • Small companies and large corporations with thousands or even a single uncollected invoice or judgment that needs to be paid
  • Medical Services providers who routinely deal with slow pay or no pay patients with balances after insurance
  • Professional Service Providers who need to collect the money and preserve the relationship
  • Builders, Contractors and Roofers unable to collect for a job or court ordered judgment
  • Property Owners looking for former tenants to recover money for damages to  property and unpaid rent
  • Financial  Organizations seeking restitution on secured or unsecured debts
  •  Municipal Governments, and Utilities with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars in open invoices that are more than 30, 60, or even 90+ days over due

Whatever the situation, Southwest Recovery Services can help your organization enhance its collection efforts without having to hire staff and additional processes with additional expense.

Debt & Judgment Resolution Center

Did you receive a letter or phone call about an unpaid debt or court ordered judgment?

As a collection agency that fully complies with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we are informing you that our debt collectors are attempting to collect an unpaid debt or court entered judgment entered against you. Any information provided will be used for that purpose.

Talk To Us

We understand how stressful it is to receive a call from a collection agent who is attempting to collect a debt. When you are deep in debt just figuring out the amount you owe and how to pay it can be difficult, but our debt collectors can help. Even though speaking to a debt collector can be stressful, it is important that you call as soon as possible so we can resolve that matter as quickly as possible. We will handle your call with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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Pay Online

Paying online the full amount that you owe is the fastest way to resolve your unpaid debt or court ordered judgement. You will be asked to enter a Southwest Recovery Services case or claim number when processing your payment. That will be on the collection letter you received. Please call us if you have not received a letter. Our collections agent will elated that you’re attempting to resolve the matter today and will provide you all the information you need to process the transaction right over the phone.

Pay Now collection agency that lets you settle your debt online

Send A MoneyGram®

With over 30,000 trusted locations in the US, sending a MoneyGram® is probably the most convenient ways to settle a debt.

Get Payment Instructions pay your debt with a moneygram

A Full Service Collection Agency

A full service collection agency with offices in Houston and Dallas Texas, Southwest Recovery Services helps Texas businesses collect the money they are owed in a professional, ethical manner.

Debt Collectors With Industry Experience

One of the things that makes Southwest Recovery Services so effective as a collection agency is our years of industry knowledge that is essential for success. We understand every industry has different relationships and legal requirements when it comes to collecting on past due invoices and judgments. We never take a “one size fits all” approach to debt collection. Instead, we follow detailed industry specific protocols that improve collection outcomes, help restore relationships, and mitigate legal risk.

A Different Kind of Collection Agency

Unlike traditional collection agencies, our approach to debt recovery is rooted in professional standards and ethical conduct. We steer clear of the hard-ball tactic and questionable conduct commonly used by other debt collection agencies. At Southwest Recovery Services we believe that a professional, empathetic approach to resolving debt is the key to maximizing collections revenue while preserving as many customer relationships as possible.

Contingency Collections

With our contingency debt recovery program you only pay if we successfully recover money you are owed.

Early Out Program

With the early out debt recovery program we present a settlement offer before escelating to formal collections.

Judgment Recovery

If you are having trouble collecting on a court ordered civil judgment we have the knowledge,  tools and resources you need.

Debt Recovery

There is no staff to hire or big contracts to sign to increase your company’s collection efforts. Call today and we can get started!

No Risk Contingency Collections

We invite you to put our professional collection agents to the test with our No Risk, Contingency Debt Collection program. It’s risk free because you only pay a predermined “success fee” percentage of the amound we collect.

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