Southwest Recovery Services is a debt collection agency specializing in recovering consumer and commercial debts and court ordered judgments on a local, national, and international scale.

As a debt collection agency, Southwest Recovery Services is committed to helping small to large businesses  recover money they are owed as soon as possible. Our agency has a wide range of industry experience including medical service providers, professional service providers, commercial property and apartment property management, debt buyers, as well as all other credit and lending organizations. If your company is being impacted by slow payments, no payments, or uncollected judgments, Southwest Recovery Services can help.

We Are A Full Service Accounts Receivable Management Company

We deal with all types of collection challenges:

  • Small companies with a single uncollected invoice or judgment
  • Services providers who routinely deal with slow pay or no pay customers
  • Property owners collecting on unpaid rent and/or damaged properties
  • Lending organization seeking restitution on secured or unsecured debt
  • Corporate clients with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars in open invoices more than 30, 60, 90 or more days past due

Whatever the situation, Southwest Recovery Services can help collect the money you are owed.

A Different Kind of Collection Agency

Unlike other collection agencies, our approach to debt recovery is rooted in professional standards and ethical conduct. We steer clear of the hard-ball tactic and questionable conduct commonly used by other debt collection agencies. At Southwest Recovery Services we believe that a professional, empathetic approach to resolving debt is the key to maximizing collections revenue while preserving as many customer relationships as possible.

Our No Risk Debt Recovery Program

We invite you to put our professional Account Agents to the test with our No Risk, Contingency Debt Collection program.

With our contingency collections program you pay only a percentage of what we actually collect.

Now is the time to start turning bad debt and uncollected judgments into cash!

Our Collection Agency Services at a Glance

Did you receive a letter or phone call about an unpaid debt or judgment?

As a professional accounts receivable management firm, we are committed to assisting consumers and corporations to help resolve a claim or case quickly. Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter we have contacted you about.

Discuss Your Case

Professional debt collector in a Dallas, Texas collection agency outbound calling center.
Our representatives are standing by ready to help you resolve your open case or claim.

As a debt collection agency, our professional debt collectors are here to help you resolve your case quickly and efficiently.

+1 (866) 558-3328

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Our Credit Bureau Partners

Southwest Recovery Services reports to the following consumer and commercial reporting agencies:

  • partner-transunion
  • partner-equifax
  • partner-aca
  • partner-experian
  • partner-innovis