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We are a Houston collection agency that helps businesses collect the money they are owed. Our collections services include medical collections, utility collections, retail collections, apartment collections and more.

Who Should Hire A Collection Agency?

Wether you have a single invoice or thousands of past due invoices we can help your company collect the money you are owed fast.

Best of all, as a contingency collections agency you don’t pay a dime unless we collect money on your behalf. You decide up front how much you are willing to accept to settle an account, and you only pay a percentage of what we are able to collect.

Why Work With A Collection Agency?

Most companies are simply not equiped to train and support a collections team. Debt collection is a specialized skill. To maximize results you need a dedicated collections team that is focused, equiped and properly trained.

Furthermore, your collection team’s policies and practices will need to be compliant with a broad range of federal, state and local collection laws. Few companies have the time and focus they need to ensure compliance.

Most of all, when you add up the cost and risk of running collections operations in-house it is clear outsourcing collections efforts saves money, time and delivers superior results.

Start Collecting Today

It only takes a few minutes to submit collection cases through our portal. There is no risk because you don’t pay a dime unless we recover the amount you specify for an account.

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Our houston collection agency has everything in place to start collecting bad debt today including a state-of-the art call center, data center and enough workstations to support our ongoing collection efforts.

The Houston Collection Team Collections Team Taking Care of Business

Melissa Steele was awesome!! She was kind and considerate, didn’t make me feel so bad for letting this debt go for so long. She listened to my sob story and was caring and concerned.Melissa was able to negotiate a settlement for me with the doctor’s office. I was able to get this taken care of and the kindness, care and concern of Melissa made it quick and as “painless” as possible. I highly recommend Melissa and SRC!!


Very professional, efficient, flexible and knowledgeable. They know what are doing and are very polite with their customers.


I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a collection note appear on my report from this company. I was glad to find out that the collection claim was an error and this agency worked with me to get the whole thing sorted out and cleaned up. Very honest, and very quick to help.


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