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We are a Houston collection agency that helps businesses collect the money they are owed. Our collections services include medical collections, utility collections, retail collections, apartment collections, and more.

Texas wields much economic power. Despite the oil industry experiencing a recession, Texas still counts for about 17% of the entire country’s national income. Compared to the national average, Texans’ mortgage and student loan debt is low; when it comes to credit card debt and credit scores, however, Texas is high—far above the national average. In fact, Texas is among the top states with the highest credit card debt. However, the average individual debt rate varies depending on location and county. For instance, Southlake, University Park, and Colleyville have the lowest rate of debt throughout the state—Houston is among them.

Who Should Hire A Collection Agency?

While there are definitely ways to go about collecting debt yourself, after a certain point hiring a professional is simply the smartest and most effective choice. This is especially true if you have a business to run; dealing with past-due accounts after a certain amount of time drains your energy, time, resources, and patience. These are all a valuable supply that should go towards your business—and not delinquent flakes.

Another vital reason why it’s important to use a collection agency is time-sensitivity. The more time that goes by, the lesser the chance you have of actually seeing your money. Based on our experience, most businesses use a collection agency after about 90 to 120 days of a past-due account not making any payments. After 120 days, you’re much less likely to ever recover the debt.

The following is how you know you should hire a collection agency:

  • New customers don’t respond to your first attempt to collect debt. When there’s no payment history with the customer, the chances of them refusing to pay is much higher.
  • You’ve agreed on a payment plan, but the customer doesn’t follow through. Customers who still don’t pay after you’ve both agreed on a payment plan are least likely to pay.
  • A customer completely denies responsibility for the debt. In this case, your chance of recovering the debt is rare unless you hire a collection agency.
  • The customer makes (unfounded) complaints about your business, services, or products as an excuse not to pay. Most of the time, these complaints are quite literally just an excuse not to pay.
  • The customer has a history of financial irresponsibility.

If any of the above apply or you find yourself out of options with a delinquent customer, any further attempts to collect the debt are best left to a professional agency that knows the appropriate way to collect debts. Best of all, as a contingency collections agency you don’t pay a dime unless we collect money on your behalf. You decide up front how much you are willing to accept to settle an account, and you only pay a percentage of what we are able to collect.

Why Work With A Collection Agency?

Debt collection is a specialized skill. To maximize results, you need a dedicated collections team that is focused, equipped, properly trained, and compliant with federal, state, and local collection laws. Southwest Recovery Services utilizes a number of tools for collecting, such as technology, partnerships with agencies and attorneys, and highly trained and professional staff. We prioritize integrity and reputation among almost all else when collecting debt; any agency that uses shady methods to collect damages your reputation, costing you current—and future—customers. Southwest Recovery Services uses the latest techniques and abides by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when collecting debt. Additionally, we work with you as a partner, not just a contractor. Whether you have a single invoice or thousands of past due invoices, we can help your company collect the money you are owed—fast. Simply put: when you add up the cost and risk running collections operations in-house, it’s clear that outsourcing collections efforts saves money, time, and delivers superior results.

What We Need

To boost your chances of recovering the money owed, we’ll need as much information about the debtors as possible, such as:

  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers (including cell and email address)
  • Names of any spouses, friends, relatives, and neighbors
  • Information on the debtor’s response to your efforts to collect—if any
  • Details about the original transaction
  • Any paperwork related to the transaction (contracts, applications, etc.)
  • Nicknames, maiden names, aliases, etc.

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Our Houston office is located on the southwest corner of Sam Houston Tollway and I-45

Houston Collection Agency Office

Houston Collections Agency Office

Our houston collection agency has everything in place to start collecting bad debt today including a state-of-the art call center, data center and enough workstations to support our ongoing collection efforts.

The Houston Collection Team Collections Team Taking Care of Business

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a collection note appear on my report from this company. I was glad to find out that the collection claim was an error and this agency worked with me to get the whole thing sorted out and cleaned up. Very honest, and very quick to help.


Very professional, efficient, flexible and knowledgeable. They know what are doing and are very polite with their customers.


Melissa Steele was awesome!! She was kind and considerate, didn’t make me feel so bad for letting this debt go for so long. She listened to my sob story and was caring and concerned.Melissa was able to negotiate a settlement for me with the doctor’s office. I was able to get this taken care of and the kindness, care and concern of Melissa made it quick and as “painless” as possible. I highly recommend Melissa and SRC!!


Let’s Get Started

Southwest Recovery Services is an agency with an established track record of successful collections in your industry. We have in-depth professional experience with multiple industries and abide by state and federal rules and regulations relating to your industry (if applicable). To see if we’re the right choice for you and your business or industry, call or stop by our Houston office today. Our professionally trained and skilled agents are ready with all the tools you need to get your money back—let’s get started.

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