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Contingency Collection

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Contingency Collection

Based on a percentage of recovered funds, this program is the most economical solution for debt recovery. With no upfront fees and customized programs, your recovery and financial return is greatly increased. Once an account is placed in our system, an Account Agent assumes the responsibility of contacting the customer to secure payment. Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we have set a new standard for recovery. Our programs include a variety of tools that are designed to locate, contact, and secure and report payment.

Average fees range from 15% to 50% and are usually based on four factors:

  • Age of accounts
  • Type of accounts
  • Quantity of accounts placed
  • Average dollar amount of accounts placed

The Advantages of our Contingency Collection Program:

  • Cost effective solutions and guaranteed results, we don’t get paid unless you do!
  • No upfront fees or additional costs to get started, no strings attached, no kidding.
  • Location of debtor’s phone numbers and skip-tracing of addresses and assets are included at no cost to you.
  • No minimum dollar amount or quantity of accounts placed with our agency.
  • All accounts receive appropriate letter follow up including one letter from our Legal Team.
  • Our collection techniques are customized based on your unique business needs.
  • A variety of collections reports are available to you online to help you keep track of our progress.
  • Placements are accepted securely in any format and quantity on our website or via email. You can also place your accounts in paper or hard copy backup.
  • Sliding scale contingency fees ensures that all of the accounts you place are worked regardless of the age or the dollar amount of the past due account.
  • A collections specialist will assist you in establishing a successful collection program.
  • A time tested professional approach, using a model of proven collection programs will be used to recover your debts.
  • Recovery rates that are the envy of the industry, as some of our clients see recovery rates as high as 100%!

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