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Our company would like to take the time to welcome you and your company to our services. We look forward to working with you on recovering any bad debts owed to you or your company.

We try to keep our services hassle free for our clients, and we have developed a website to help us accomplish that task. Our website allows you to upload any accounts that you want to turn over for collections, and view any and all activity performed on the accounts you have placed with us for collection.

Website and login info:

To get started, please visit any page on our website ( https://swrecovery.com ) and go to client services and login. Your username and password should have been emailed or given to you over the telephone. If you don’t have them, please contact us to obtain them.

Uploading Files

Log into the portal and click the `Upload Data` link.

Please make sure that you scan all of your files for each individual account you are sending over to us in one file. So, for example if you have a copy of a contract in one file and a copy of that person’s driver’s license in another file: Make sure you scan them into one file before sending it to us.

Commercial Accounts

In file description please put the company’s name that owes the money. In the uploaded file we need all the documents supporting the balance owed, and why it is owed, along with any and all information on the company that owes the money.

Property Management Companies

In the file description, please put the property address. In the uploaded file we need the lease agreement, application, and statement ledger of what is owed.


In the filed description please put the account number for patient in your office. In the uploaded file, we need a break down of the charges and the patients face sheet.

Viewing activity on accounts

To view account activity, go to View Report and push data both back and forward 30 days. To view specific accounts, go to account View Activity; it is the same as view report, but at the bottom you can type in the debtor that you want the report to focus on.

Viewing payments

To check any payment on your placed account,  go to View Status; this will show you any payments that have been made on your accounts.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on uploading or viewing accounts. We look forward to working with your company.


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