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We Use the Latest Technology

Southwest Recovery Services’ Strategy is to apply the latest technology, which delivers documented results. Our software has been developed specifically for each company’s needs. Our information specialists are always updating our collection software to insure that we have the newest technology available to maximize the return on your accounts.

On Line Credit Reports

Southwest Recovery Services has an always-on, dedicated link to the internet. This allows each collector to have the power of the internet at his or her fingertips. The use of the internet has revolutionized the Skip Tracing Capabilities of our company.

Check By Phone

Tired of hearing the check is in the mail excuse? We were too. Southwest Recovery Services utilizes Telecheck to automatically draft the bank account of your debtors when they agree to pay. This optimizes our ability to collect for you. Telecheck is accepted at over two hundred thousand merchants nationwide. This means we can put the power of Telecheck to work for you. When a debtor writes you A NSF check, we can place a check writing hold on their account. This is a powerful tool in the war against hot check writers.

Other Forms Of Payment

We did not stop there. We also offer MoneyGram Quick Collect, and for the debtors convince we accept all major credit cards. We feel that offering the debtor several payment options is key in bringing final resolution to their debt.

Automated Tickler

The tickler was developed so the collector can set a sequence for calling each day, based on the commitments received from your debtor. Put simply, it eliminates “I forgot to call the debtor back.” from being a consideration.

Automated Letters

Within the preset parameters, our software will generate initial contact, general follow-up, failure to pay, demand for payment, and finally our Attorney letter. Our collectors also have a wide variety of additional form letters to help bring your accounts to final resolution.


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