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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I reach SWR?
Southwest Recovery Services, Inc. 17311 Dallas Pkwy #235
Dallas, TX 75248. You can also call us toll free @ 866-558-DEBT Local @ 214-387-8068, or fax 214-619-0076.
How long has Southwest Recovery Services been in business?

SRS was officially incorporated in 2004. Our management team has over 70 years combined experience in the third party collection business.

Is Southwest Recover Services a member of the American Collectors Association?
Yes. Southwest Recovery Services takes its FDCPA compliance seriously. In today’s competitive environment, you must stay educated and informed of the constant growth and change in the collection industry. Benefits of membership with the ACA include education of new collection laws in specific states and collection training and seminars provided to our staff. Our collection staff must complete eight hours of training each quarter as part of our company’s ongoing commitment to be fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Will I have a dedicated point of contact if I need help with my account?
Yes. Once you become a customer, a dedicated sales representative will be assigned to your account. We are dedicated to providing you with a high level of customer service and this begins with individualized attention to your specific questions or concerns.
Does Southwest Recovery Services charge any up front fees to start the collection process?

No! Since we cannot give you an iron clad guarantee that every account is collectible, we feel it is unethical and unnecessary to collect fees prior to resolution of your account. We do not collect fees from you until monies are collected. SRS is dedicated to building strong long-term business relationships with our customers. This has been part of the company’s mission statement and its unwavering commitment to you.

Does Southwest Recovery Services require long-term contracts?
No. We understand that you have contracted us to work on YOUR accounts. Understanding this, we have a service agreement not a long-term contract. (Our service agreement can be viewed by clicking on the link below). You may cancel our service at any time by simply giving us written notice.
How does Southwest Recovery Services report delinquent accounts to the credit bureaus?

Depending on the level of services agreed upon, we will report your accounts to the credit bureau once a month. SRS maintains a relationship with TransUnion, Experian, Innovis, and CSC Equifax. As part of our agreement with these companies, we are required to report any changes and updates monthly, such as payments made or deletions made due to inaccurate information. This is done through a secure upload using the latest technology. Thus, your customer’s private records remain protected and secure. TransUnion | Equifax | Experian | Innovis

How long does something stay on a person’s credit record?
You can report a valid account to a person’s credit for a period of seven years from the last payment you received or the last date of service. For instance, if you sold a good or service in 2005, but received a payment from your customer in 2012, you can adjust the date of occurrence or date opened to reflect the 2012 date. The account will then remain active until 2019. The Fair Credit Reporting Act The complete text (as amended October 2001) of the law governing credit reporting.
Will Southwest Recovery Services update the credit bureaus when you customer finally pays off his/her account?

Yes. The Fair Debt Reporting Act requires SRS to maintain accurate records and to report them in a timely fashion to the credit bureaus. SRS also utilizes the E Oscar system to answer all disputed items and to fix any inaccurate entries using a secure on-line database that all credit bureaus pull data from. The system allows us to update an account that has been reported within 72 hours. This is crucial when a mortgage or car loan is hanging in the balance.

Is it against the law for me to report my customers to the credit bureaus?
No. The Fair Debt Reporting Act permits the free exchange of credit information. When a customer does not pay you for the goods and/or services that you provided, that customer’s credit worthiness is in question and this falls under the FCRA’s guidelines.
When should you place an account with Southwest Recovery Services?
A study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission indicated that accounts that are held in house for a year have less than a ten percent chance of being collected. Your chances of collecting a past due account decreases with the amount of time you hold on to it in house. We recommend that you turn over accounts when they turn 90 days past due. If the account has not paid after 90 days, the chances are good that it will not pay without the services that we can provide.
How can I place accounts with Southwest Recovery Services?

SRS has made it easy and convenient to place an account for collection. Using our online placement service is the quickest route to start the collection process. Our online placement system is easy and is secure to use. We accept your computer generated files. Our IT department will import your data into a format that we can use and upload it into our collection system. You can also use our standard placement form or simply use your internal documents and fax them to us. Our data entry department will then scan your documents and our IT department will import the data into our collection database. Finally, we will supply you with shipping supplies and will pay the freight charges for sending your accounts.

How do you find customers that have moved and or disconnected their telephone?
SWR has invested in the latest state of the art skip tracing tools to find even the most persistent debtors. Most of our research is done on the internet and telephone. You would be shocked to know what you can find out about a person with a few clicks of a mouse. You can use our tools and databases prior to turning your account/s over for collection. For a fee of $5.00 you can have a professional locate your customer using over 2100 governmental, municipal and private databases that have compiled data on your customer. We can locate property, relatives, neighbors, and much more making it almost impossible to hide from their obligation with you.
Does Southwest Recovery collect debt in my industry?

Your business is as unique as the individuals that it employs. SRS has a proven record of accomplishment with successful collection of over 200,000 accounts collectively for a variety of businesses. This translates into millions of dollars for our customers. We have learned that collections are really about “selling” the customer into paying off his account. Our policy is to treat your customer with respect and dignity while firmly persuading him/her to pay. If done correctly, debt collection is more about negotiation rather than intimidation. We have built a business around this simple but effective concept.

Does Southwest Recovery Services use attorneys to help collect past due accounts?

Yes. We have legal services on retainer to help us collect our accounts after they have reached 90 days in our collection system. If we are unsuccessful in collection, your account with letters and phone calls we developed a world wide network of professional collection attorneys who we can forward your account to. They also work on a contingency basis but will require that you pay any filing fees associated with filing a civil case on your behalf.

How long does it take to collect my account?

This success of collecting an account is dependent on many variables. The demographic of your clientele as well as the age of the account when it is placed for collection are important. Additionally, if the debt is a commercial or retail debt can also help predict the collection success. We strive to recover your accounts as quickly as possible. Overall, our goal is to quickly and efficiently bring closure to your account and collect the balance due.

Is there a minimum dollar amount that is required for debt collection?

No, there is no minimum. We work with all different sized cases. Our portfolio includes debt collections in the hundreds all the way to collection in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How many years can I go back for debt collection?
Each state will have a different limit for the number of years you can go back. For example, the statue of limitation based on Texas Law is that you can go back up to four years. Feel free to call us if you would like to know what the statue of limitation is in your state.