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Client Reports

We offer the most comprehensive reporting in the industry.
Southwest Recovery Services offers our clients the most comprehensive reporting in the industry. If we do not have a report that meets or exceeds your needs, our information specialist can design one for you.

Paying Summary

This is the report the other agencies would not send you. This report outlines the payments that our company

Inventory Report

This report is an inventory of every account you have ever placed with Southwest Recovery Services. It includes all demographic information and includes your account number.

Comment Summary

This report actually lets you track the progress of our Collectors. This report contains the actual notes left by our professional Collection Staff. We feel that you should be kept abreast of all collection activity. With this report at your side you can be on the front lines of your collection battles.

Monthly Statement

This report includes information regarding who has paid during a specific month. It includes payments received by you, the client, and us at  Southwest Recovery Services. The statements are sent out along with a check for monies due by the 15th  day of the month following the month the money was collected.