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Plumbing Collections

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Plumbing Collections

When homeowners encounter leaky pipes, low water pressure, or busted water heaters, they call in a plumbing expert to deal with the problem immediately.  At Southwest Recovery Services, we offer a systematic approach to plumbing debt collection to help skilled professionals preserve their cash flow and maintain their relationship with their customers.  Let the experts at Southwest Recovery Services help!

  • Minimize losses
  • Protect your bottom line so you can continue to invest in your business
  • Preserve customer relations

Minimize Losses for Plumbers

Many plumbers face issues of slow or non-payment with customers who are unable to pay in full, or simply refuse to pay for services rendered.  Some tend to make up excuses or look for issues just to avoid payment.  Others may overestimate their ability to pay and find themselves coming up short when their bill is due.  This amounts to thousands of dollars in losses faced by thousands of plumbers throughout the country.  Our experts at Southwest Recovery Services work closely with industry professionals to help minimize their non pay customer accounts.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Maintaining a positive cash flow is crucial for a plumber’s business to stay afloat.  Plumbers need money to purchase tools, materials, liability insurance, uniform, as well as pay for transportation expenses in moving from one household to another.  When this cash flow is affected negatively, the plumber’s ability to sustain and grow the business is crippled.  Southwest Recovery Services acts swiftly to collect payment for unpaid invoices and improve cash flow immediately to preserve your bottom line.

Preserve Customer Relations

Above all, working in trades means having to work with people. It is built on customer interactions and thrives as you maintain a healthy working relationship.  Our agents at Southwest Recovery Services understand the importance of this relationship.  We are dedicated to helping you collect what you are owed without resorting to strong-arm tactics that may cause your relationship to deteriorate.  We will always act professionally, abiding by federal rules and regulations to help you maintain your reputation as a respected business in the community.

Let Southwest Recovery Help

For plumbing companies and tradesmen, focused debt collection is often difficult to pursue due to inexperience and lack of resources.  At Southwest Recovery Services, we not only have the experience, but also the capacity to recover your debts for you.  Here are some examples of what we can do for you.

  • Frequent attempts to contact the customer by phone 
  • Determine what the issue may be for non payment and look to resolve any dispute
  • Set up alternative payment methods if customer unable to pay in full immediately
  • Evaluate account for legal action if appropriate

For an easier, stress-free way to collect debt, let Southwest Recovery Services take action for you. 


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