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Moving and Storage Collections

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Moving and Storage Collections

Moving and storage businesses work hard to make moving easier for their clients. Whether it’s a one-time moving job or long-term storage services, you depend on your clients to pay you for your hard work as soon as possible. When they don’t, you might be tempted to try making collections calls on your own. This might actually be a bad idea, and it could end up damaging your bottom line. If you need quick, effective debt collection services, you can count on Southwest Recovery. 

Protect Your Bottom Line

The longer you wait to collect a payment, the more it can damage your bottom line. As a moving business owner, you aren’t equipped to make effective collections on your own. Trying to collect debts on your own or with the help of your staff will slow the process down and reduce your chances of being paid. Instead of damaging your bottom line by trying to collect your own debts, enlist the help of Southwest Recovery. We use a highly successful system to identify and collect debts. We’ll even pursue old or bad debt to recover as much money as possible. 

Higher Success Rates and Better Outcomes

Moving and storage staff aren’t trained to make collection calls, which means you won’t know how to effectively request payment from your debtors. Southwest Recovery uses the latest technology to quickly identify debts in your system before making frequent attempts to follow up with debtors. Once we’ve made contact with your client, we use our firm but friendly approach to speak with them. This makes clients less likely to be defensive and more likely to negotiate. Once we come to an agreement, our collectors will be paid a percentage of the money we’ve recovered for you. This system is proven to collect debt at higher success rates and with better outcomes, all without risking your reputation. 

Never Lose Valued Clients

You might be worried that hiring a debt collections agency will damage client relationships and ruin your reputation, but that isn’t the case with Southwest Recovery. We use an industry-tested firm but friendly approach when speaking with your clients, which allows us to collect payment without causing your clients to become offended or defensive. We know you work hard to keep a strong bond with your clients, which is why we do everything we can to protect it while collecting payments on your behalf.

Polite and Professional Business Representation

Debt collection is heavily regulated by the government, and it can be hard for your staff to adhere to these guidelines when making collection calls. Southwest Recovery only uses debt collection methods in compliance with these regulations, and our talented collectors are trained to represent your business in a polite and professional manner. Your reputation is in good hands with Southwest Recovery.

Southwest Recovery can Help

If you want to collect delinquent payments quickly and effectively, Southwest Recovery can help. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Protect your bottom line and your reputation
  • Improve your billing system to prevent future debts

Southwest Recovery uses an industry-tested firm but friendly approach to collect payments quickly without damaging your reputation. Call or visit our website to get in touch with an experienced debt collector today!


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