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Merchant Services Collections

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Merchant Services Collections

As a merchant services provider, you are a crucial link in the chain that keeps businesses moving. Your clients depend on you to handle their credit card transactions, online payment processing, and more – all vital services, since studies show 82% of Americans prefer to pay with credit or debit cards instead of cash.  You help facilitate payments every day, but what happens when your merchants don’t pay you the money they owe?  Their nonpayment puts you in the precarious situation of needing to be paid, but also needing to maintain a good relationship with merchants who might just be facing a temporary financial hardship. 

Southwest Recovery Services is on your side.  We collect unpaid debts for merchant service providers and payment processors with a proven system that gets results and never reflects poorly on your company.  After all, once the debt is paid, you could go on to have a very profitable relationship with the merchant.  Don’t let a bump in the road jeopardize your future business opportunities.

A Better Way to Recover Debt 

Our agents will always represent your company in a professional and positive manner.  We realize that now is not the time to make anyone feel bad for their inability to pay.  That’s why we treat each of your customers with respect and take the time to listen to their story and establish rapport.  We never attempt to shame or intimidate someone into paying their debt. Those are outdated methods that often lead to blocked calls, a desire to not communicate with us, therefore not able to resolve the account.  Additionally, it may create a bad reputation for your company. 

Instead, we make it as easy as possible for merchants to pay their debts over the phone or online.  Our agents stay engaged by closely following up with payment reminders without ever resorting to harassment.  We also use the latest technology to help our recovery efforts, resulting in a high rate of success.

The Southwest Recovery Difference

We understand the importance of quick collection. Time is money, and outstanding debts can disrupt your cash flow and leave you without sufficient funds to stay operational.  Our company saves you time and money by:

  • Assigning a professional debt collector to your cases immediately
  • Using the latest technology to locate your customers quickly for contact
  • Providing access to our portal to view real time activity and updates of your cases
  • Making your accounts receivable processes more effective and efficient

As a contingency based  debt collection service, we don’t get paid until you get paid. It costs absolutely nothing to get started.  Whether you need a single invoice collected or a complete accounts receivable solution for your organization, we’ve got you covered!

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If you’re a merchant services provider who needs help collecting on unpaid accounts, call Southwest Recovery Services today! We strive for excellence in everything we do, so let us help you get paid so you can continue to help the businesses that depend on your payment processing services.



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