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Medical Collections

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Medical Collections

We Help Doctor Offices and Dental Offices Get Paid

At Southwest Recovery, we take a softer approach to medical debt collection. Instead of immediately trying to collect on a debt with hardball tactics, we take a problem-solving approach. We take the time to understand your patient and present them with every repayment option available. These personal touches have made us very successful at recovering medical debt.

Do you have patients with overdue bills? We help medical and dental offices get paid! Call Southwest Recovery today for a service overview and a free quote. You pay nothing up front, and we don’t get paid until we collect.

Medical Debt Collections

Unpaid medical debt  is reaching epidemic proportions. That’s not surprising, considering Texas has the largest number of uninsured citizens in the US. Recent studies show that 1 in 5 Americans are carrying a crippling amount of medical debt. That number is 1 in 4 for Texans.

Dallas is on par with the rest of Texas. So many uninsured individuals and so many health practitioners in the city equal an unparalleled amount of overdue medical bills. It is an unfortunate statistic, but it must be dealt with in order for medical professionals to stay in business.

A Softer Approach to Medical Debt Collection

Our agents understand that medical debt is a sensitive, often emotional topic for people. The bills could be a reminder of the struggles they have gone through, and they might be ashamed that they still owe money to the people who helped them through such a tough time. We handle each case with patience and compassion.

We start by verifying the patient’s information through a series of questions:

  • Do you have a copy of the bill?
  • Is this your current address?
  • Do you have any questions about the bill?
  • Have you reported any problems or concerns?
  • Tell me about your current situation.
  • How would you like to take care of the bill?

These questions help us establish a rapport with the patient and verify that we are dealing with the right person. By collecting data, patiently asking and answering questions and presenting alternatives, we can dramatically improve the collection rate on your patient accounts.

We Have All the Resources You Need

Most medical practices and health care providers simply lack the knowledge, resources, and scale needed to ask the right questions and follow up appropriately. That’s why they call the medical account experts at Southwest Recovery Services. We have the experience, technology and processes in place to start collecting on accounts immediately.

More importantly, our gentler approach places a lot of emphasis on preserving the patient-provider relationship. The last thing a doctor or practice administrator wants is to lose their doctor/patient relationship due to unresolved billing issues or a complaint about their billing partner. We will go the extra mile to protect your reputation! 

Call Southwest Recovery for Medical Debt Collection

Southwest Recovery Services is a full-service collection agency with offices in Texas and Oklahoma. As an executive and business owner, you have a duty to your company, employees, and your family to protect your profits. We will work hard to recover all the money you are owed in a professional manner that also helps minimizes your business risks.

It’s time to recover the money you’re owed with a collection agency who will not reflect negatively on your business. Keep your reputation pristine and let us do all the work recovering debt so that you can focus on helping others. Call Southwest Recovery for medical debt collection today, and be sure to ask for a free quote for your overdue patient accounts.


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