Medical Collections

A Softer Approach to Medical Debt Collection

At Southwest Recovery Services, instead of immediately trying to collect on a debt with hard ball tactics we take a problem solving approach. We take the time to understand your patient.

  • Do you have a copy of the bill?
  • Is this your current address?
  • Did you have any questions about the bill?
  • Have you reported any problems or concerns?
  • Tell me about your current situation?
  • How would you like to take care of the bill?

By collecting data, patiently asking and  answering questions, and presenting alternatives we can dramatically improve the collection rate on your patient accounts.

We Have All the Resource You

Most medical practices and health care providers simply lack the knowledge, resources, and scale needed to ask the right questions and follow up appropriately. That’s why they call the Medical Account Agent experts at Southwest Recovery Services. We have the phone systems, workflow and technology in place to start collecting on accounts immediately. More importantly, our softer approach places a lot of emphasis on preserving the patient-provider relationship. The last thing you want to do as a doctor or practice administrator is lose your doctor/patient relationship due to billing challenges or a complaint about your billing partner. We will protect your reputation!

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