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Logistics Collections

Nearly every industry engaged in the production and manufacturing of goods relies on the logistics sector for the transportation of these goods. At Southwest Recovery Services, our diplomatic approach to domestic and international debt collection ensures fast settlement of debt for a higher rate of recovery and reduced write-offs.

Recover Receivables from Outstanding Past Due Credit Accounts

Statista reports that the logistics industry in the US spends over $1.6 trillion per year, with two-thirds, or $1.037 trillion, going to transportation. Meanwhile, logistics companies have been showing growing signs of financial distress due to delayed or non-payment from clients, especially those with whom credit accounts have been extended. Southwest Recovery Services increases your cash flow by adopting advanced tools to aid recovery activities and settle debts quickly. 

We are Your Local Partner in International Debt Collection

For international transactions, most shippers rely on third-party logistics providers who, in turn, rely on their partners across international borders. Collecting debt from international partners carries an even bigger uncertainty due to differences in both countries’ laws, which often affects your ability to collect. That is why it is important not only to have experience and know-how in debt collection, but to have local partners who can help recover debt successfully. 

Supporting the Economy

The transport and logistics sector makes up a large portion of the entire US economy, accounting for up to 10% of GDP. It is estimated that an astounding $4,422 worth of goods are transported every second. However, the industry has also been met with much distress with stiff competition, stricter regulations, an increasing deficit in the workforce, and overwhelming debt through accounts receivables. In the face of severe distress, Southwest Recovery understands the value and contribution of the logistics industry to our economy. That is why we partner with those in the logistics sector to increase collection efficiency, resolve cash flow issues, and continue their contribution to the economy.

Southwest Recovery Can Help

Companies involved in logistics often rely on small clerical teams to handle collections. These teams are often untrained and do not have the time, experience, or capacity to collect receivables. Southwest Recovery Services does. Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Analyze credit history and payment capacity of delinquent clients
  • Soft collection reminders as gentle nudge to collect
  • Contingency measures for unwilling payors
  • Amicable legal support for collection measures

Experience quick and systematic recovery of the debts owed to you with Southwest Recovery Services. We treat debtors with dignity and respect, and we’re ready to get to work for you!