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Insurance and Subrogation Collections

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Insurance and Subrogation Collections

Almost everybody depends on insurance to lessen the personal financial impact of car accidents, doctor visits, medical emergencies, and theft. When you cover part of these expenses, you depend on your customer to pay their deductible. Don’t allow customers to stay in debt to you. Collect payments in a quick, friendly way with the help of Southwest Recovery Services.

We Protect Your Bottom Line

The longer you allow debts to stay unresolved, the more they cost you in time and resources. Unpaid debts can hurt your bottom line and disrupt cash flow. Your staff can try to resolve these debts, but their lack of experience in collections means you aren’t likely to recover as much money as you need. Hiring a skilled collection agency to resolve your delinquent customer accounts means you’ll be able to collect payments quickly and reduce the amount of additional debts in the future.

We Preserve Valued Client Relationships

Many companies worry about hiring debt collectors because they don’t want to lose their good reputation and damage customer relationships. Southwest Recovery uses a firm but friendly approach when speaking with your customers. We communicate with an empathetic, understanding tone so we’re more likely to come to an agreement. This approach brings you more payments and better outcomes, and it protects your reputation without running customers away. Southwest Recovery knows you work hard to gain the trust of your customers, which is why we do everything we can to maintain it while successfully recovering your money. 

We Collect Debts Quickly

Southwest Recovery uses the latest technology to identify all delinquent accounts and problems in your payment system. Once we’ve identified these accounts, we use frequent follow up attempts to make quick contact with the customer. Once we’ve made contact, we use our friendly but firm approach to come to an agreement without causing your customer to feel offended or defensive. This strategy results in higher success rates and better outcomes, and it preserves the relationship between you and your customers.

Polite, Professional Representation

As an insurance professional, you may not have the expertise to make collection calls and represent yourself well. Southwest Recovery’s skilled debt collectors are trained to represent your company in a polite, professional way in all communications with your customers. Our collection calls are compliant with all state and federal debt collection regulations, and we use a friendly but firm approach that encourages positive communication and a successful resolution. At Southwest Recovery, we value your reputations and customer relationships and we always work hard to preserve it.

Southwest Recovery: Your Insurance Collection Pros

Insurance companies are ineffective in collecting debt because they lack the experience to make agreements and represent their own company in a professional, polite manner. Southwest Recovery Services offers many benefits to your company:

  • Quick identification of delinquent accounts and frequent follow up efforts to make quick contact with customers
  • Dispute resolution
  • Improve your payment system to reduce or eliminate future bad debt
  • Protect your bottom line and preserve important customer relationships

Southwest Recovery Services works fast to protect your bottom line and improve your billing system while preserving your good name! Call us to get in touch with a skilled insurance and subrogation debt collector today!


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