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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Collections

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Collections

Drug and alcohol treatment and rehab centers provide a safe environment where patients can recover from their life-threatening addictions.  In order to provide excellent treatment and care, it is crucial for treatment centers to receive payment from their patients.  Unfortunately, many patients might not be able to pay their bills in a timely manner due to the circumstances of their addiction.  When this happens, it can jeopardize the treatment center’s ability to pay for the staff, equipment, and other amenities it requires.

If your drug treatment center has unpaid invoices that are interfering with your bottom line, call Southwest Recovery Services today.  Our highly-trained debt recovery specialists know how important it is to preserve your patient relationships and your center’s good reputation, so they approach every interaction with ethics and integrity. 

The High Cost of Addiction

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that 19.7 million Americans ages 12 and older battled a substance use disorder in 2017.  Additionally, 74% of those also abused or struggled with an alcohol addiction.  Drug abuse and addiction cost Americans more than $740 billion annually in lost workplace productivity, healthcare expenses, and crime-related costs

At Southwest Recovery Services, we are professionals with genuine empathy for those who cannot afford to pay their debts.  Perhaps a patient is getting their life back in order and is just getting into a financial position where they can pay what they owe.  Maybe they’ve been dodging your calls because they feel guilty about their unpaid debt.  Whatever the case, our friendly agents will work diligently to come up with a payment plan that works for the patient and for you.

What Sets Us Apart

First, we never resort to harassment, intimidation, or aggressive collection tactics. The last thing we want to do is scare off patients who still owe you money.  This would interfere with our ability to collect and put your treatment center’s reputation at risk.

Instead, we use our combined 70 years of debt recovery experience to find a strategy that will work.  Then we assign a professional debt recovery agent to your case.  They will use these strategies regularly to stay engaged with the patient and ensure that payments are received.  Every patient is handled with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity to reflect well on your company.

As our client, you can use our online portal to keep track of each account’s status, download reports, upload new accounts for collection, and stay updated at all times. Some of our other benefits include:

  • Free sign-up
  • Contingency collection; we don’t get paid unless we collect.
  • The latest skip tracing technology that helps locate and aid in contact with your patient.
  • No minimum dollar amount 

Southwest Recovery is “The Best Debt Recovery Option”

We strive every day to provide the most effective debt recovery solutions and preserve your business relationship with your debtors.  Southwest Recovery Services is here to collect debts for drug treatment and rehab centers so they can continue providing life-saving services to those struggling with addiction.  Let’s get started today!


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