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Disaster Restoration Collections

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Disaster Restoration Collections

In the aftermath of a great flood or fire, disaster restoration companies are often the first ones to respond.  They are tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of cleaning up, restoring and providing remediation to damaged properties.  At Southwest Recovery Services, we work extensively with the disaster restoration industry to streamline debt recovery and collect on unpaid debts.

Early Debt Collection Through Prompt Intervention

As storms and floods or fires damage neighborhoods, commercial establishments, and other properties, most find themselves in need of restoration services.  The extent of the damage, however, is in most situations too overwhelming for people or businesses to handle on their own.  With insurance often not providing full coverage for repairs and restorations, contractors are often left with uncertainty when attempting to recover unpaid debts.  Southwest Recovery Services employs early intervention strategies to help your business gets a jump on the debt recovery process. 

Preserve Customer  Relations

Collecting debt in the wake of a natural disaster can be a daunting task.  It may be at the risk of damaging customer relationships in the midst of especially trying times.  But as small businesses who rely on their needed cash flow, the balancing act between maintaining customer relationships and keeping the business afloat can be especially challenging.  Southwest Recovery Services professional team are experts in handling potentially difficult communications on your behalf as we effectively collect while helping maintain your  positive business profile in the industry.

Don’t Delay Your Pay

Water, fire and storm damage services operate at the most difficult of times and can be restricted by limited cash flow and tight timeframes.  With natural disasters often causing widespread damage, disaster service providers are almost all hands on deck.  This moves the debt recovery task to the bottom of the list despite the critical need to maintain cash flow.  Our collection team at Southwest Recovery understands the dilemma faced by these service providers.  Working with our collection professionals unloads this heavy task and ensures an exceptional recovery of accounts receivable in a quick manner. 

Southwest Recovery Services provides the help water, fire and disaster restoration professionals need!   Here are some ways Southwest Recovery Services can help:

  • Commercial and residential expertise
  • Immediate serving of notices and reminders for collection
  • Early Out debt recovery settlement programs
  • Pre and post legal processes for effective collections

Let Southwest Recovery Services handle the difficult customer communications so you don’t have to. We do not get paid unless you do!


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