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Commercial Debt Collections

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Commercial Debt Collections

We Help Professional Service Providers Recover The Money They Are Owed

At Southwest Recovery Services, our clients receive professional, thorough and vigorous collection remedies at a flat rate price. Our representation relies on three important principles:

  • A thorough knowledge of the laws and extensive experience
  • The ability to use that knowledge and experience effectively
  • Ability to manage a legal process from beginning all the way to post-judgment remedy

Southwest Recovery Services has access to vast legal resources that  allow us to provide a full range of commercial collection services, including:

  1. Debt negotiation, mediation or arbitration assistance.
  2. Pre-legal collections and remedies are procedures we use to obtain cash or collateral on behalf of our partners before a lawsuit is filed.
  3. Commercial litigation allows a case to be pursued through the judicial process, allowing for a more aggressive pursuit of a debtor company. In many cases, a civil judgment is rendered allowing for continued pursuit of assets.
  4. Domestication of foreign judgments whether obtained in another state or another country, we can enter the judgment in a Texas court of competent jurisdiction and immediately begin taking action to collect the debt owed on the judgment.

Our debt collection attorney firms recover delinquent debts, collateral and civil judgments on behalf businesses of all sizes throughout the United States as well as internationally. We partner with businesses of all types and sizes. If you sell goods or services to local customers we can help you with your accounts receivables challenges.

Southwest Recovery Services represents the rights of creditors in the collection of overdue accounts, delinquent accounts, and open accounts.

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