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Apartment Communities & Landlord Rental Collections

Recover the money you are owed when a renter leaves without paying the rent and/or damages to your property

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We Help Single and Multi-Family Property Owners Recover The Money They Are Owed

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with online account access so that they will have 24/7 updates on all of our collection efforts. We know that our customers want to do business with a company that can provide accurate and up-to-date information on the accounts that have been entrusted to us for collection. If you need additional information about an account, you can call our Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Oklahoma City offices to speak with a professional collection agent specialized in tenant collections.

Client retention is important to us because unlike our competitors, we do not bind our customers into complicated and long-term contracts. Our business model has always been based on the premise of working each day to surpass our clients’ expectations. We understand you have an option to take your business elsewhere if you are not satisfied. Southwest Recovery has a goal to earn the opportunity to continue doing business for you.

Cutting Edge Services

  • We report to the four major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, Equifax and CBC Innovis. This ensures nationwide reporting of your tenant’s delinquency.
  •  Every Account Agent  has the ability to perform real time searches for your tenants using the most modern and sophisticated technology resources available. This ensures the highest possible tenant location rate which results into more dollars collected.
  • Your tenants can pay their accounts online using our website. We have also armed our Account Agents with the ability to accept major credit cards, checks over the phone, Money Gram and can be done through our secure web portal.
  • Our state-of-the art servers allow us to image each file which allows our Account Agents to view and supply your tenants with copies of needed documents while on the phone with the tenant. We have found this tool instrumental to overcoming objections, explaining the terms of your lease agreement to your tenants while negotiating a resolution.
  • Because our database is proprietary and is completely customizable thus allowing us to accommodate any specialized reporting that your company might need.

A Cut Above

Our staff is among the highest trained and uniquely qualified in the industry. Each Account Agent goes through an intensive training program and must  become certified by the company  before they are allowed to work on any account.  The art of negotiation is necessary in the collection industry and is a key foundation our business model. It has long been the philosophy of the founder and president of SWR that a good Account Agent is at heart,  a top notch salesperson. Account Agents have to convince otherwise reluctant buyers into paying for something they no longer have. This is not an easy sell. So arming our staff with the tools necessary for the job is imperative to successful collections.

As members of the American Collectors Association we have access to the ever changing laws and regulations that must be adhered to on both the State and Federal levels. We invest significant resources each year providing our staff with ongoing training and continuing education in the specific laws and compliance changes within our industry.

We understand that  satisfaction will be measured by how much money we recover and how responsive and attentive we are to our clients.  Our collection floors are monitored by qualified collection and compliance managers who ensure every Account Agent is meeting required quality standards. The collection manager’s role is two fold; review the hourly production of each Account Agent and monitor the phone calls to ensure they are compliant with company policy and mandated collection laws.  Not every collection agency invests in qualified Collection and Compliance Managers,  but Southwest Recovery Services knows that this role is critical to a successful process.

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We have  provided many years of superior recovery results for Apartment communities and Single family property management companies.


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