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Southwest Recovery Services has a wide variety of services available to help ensure that your experience with us is more than positive and unmatched in the industry. Below are just a few services that are available.

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A Few of the Industries We Serve

Apartment Communities and Landlord Collections

Southwest Recovery Services is in a class by itself when compared to other companies servicing apartment complexes, property management organizations and homeowners associations. Our focus is on providing superior results while providing world class customer service. We often collect accounts after other agencies have failed. In many cases, we have experienced collection results of well over 50% which is four times the average recovery for other apartment and property management agencies.

Commercial B2B Debt Collections

A good agency-client relationship is based upon respect, trust and mutual confidence. Clear, open and frequent communication is essential. At Southwest Recovery Services, our Legal Services will take the time to understand our clients’ goals and then to tailor services to meet those goals. We know how important it is to get accounts receivables paid quickly and take pride in our ability to rapidly assess, negotiate and determine an appropriate resolution with commercial debtors, including legal action if deemed necessary.

Retail Goods and Professional Services Collections

Once an account is placed in our system, a collection specialist assumes the responsibility of contacting the account to secure payment. Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we have set a new standard for recovery. Our programs include a variety of tools that are designed to assist in locating and contacting, reporting and securing payment on your accounts. If your customer signs a contract or agreement to pay and doesn’t, we can help!

Medical & Dental Collections

Southwest Recovery Services (SWRS) is a full service debt collection company with a dedicated Medical Collection team. With in-depth knowledge of medical billing systems, third-party payment processes, and HIPAA HITEC compliance issues, we have what it takes to accelerate cash flow and reduce bad debt. Health care organizations have benefited from our customized Early Out Programs that are designed to identify additional insurance billing and to prompt patients to pay. Our process also helps maintain the right doctor and patient relationship. We can help protect your reputation while effectively recovering lost revenue.

Utility Debt Collections

You provide your customers with important utility services needed to live happy and healthy lives. That doesn’t mean you give your services away as some kind of free loan. You don’t want to lose your customers or jeopardize your brand integrity. For over a decade we have helped utility providers of all sizes and specialties collect a higher portion of their outstanding debt. Our experienced, accredited, hands-on recovery specialists act as an extension of your billing department and can quickly resolve even the most difficult collection issues, thus returning critical revenue to your bottom line.

Municipal Government & HOA Collections

Facing tight budgets that threaten valuable community services, it’s important for municipalities to make sure every cent is accounted for. That’s why you need a debt recovery partner you can trust to quickly collect the debt you’re owed with the compassion your residents deserve. We help government agencies and local municipalities recover fines, judgments, and tax debts quickly and efficiently thus preventing our clients from adding additional staffing and costs. We follow firm. fair and ethical collection practices that adhere to the strictest standards for all state and national laws and regulations.


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