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Does We Assign Dedicated Collection Agents To Your Account?

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Collection Agency FAQ Videos | 0 comments

Yes, of course we do. We make it easy for companies to submit collection cases to us through a dedicated account representative or through our online portal.

Before calling Southwest Recovery Services a lot of companies tried internal collections. Time and time again they reported terrible results and higher costs. That’s why they called us, a third party collection agency.

Think about it. Debt collections is a highly skilled profession. An experienced debt collector knows the law, is prepared to handle objections over the phone, and they have a process for taking notes and following up at appropriate times.

Does your company have what it takes to do internal collections?

Does your company have what it takes to do internal collections?

Rarely can accounts be resolved with a single phone call. If that were the case you would have already been paid. The reality is a debt collector has to make a series of phone calls before they are able to collect any money…. and time is money when you are paying for the effort!

You can’t juggle serious collection efforts with other responsibilities. It just doesn’t work.

Ask yourself. How excited would your internal staff be if you assigned them to collection duties. Do you have a way to train, equipment, and supervise their collections activity? How much would it cost you to recruit and setup the team needed to run an ongoing collection operation capable of producing predictable results that exceed your operating costs?

Get the picture? Unless you plan on building out a call center don’t even try it! For most small businesses asking staff to collect on bad debts would result an a mass exodus because it is an unreasonable request. That leaves you, the business owner, doing the job nobody wants whenever you can find the time to make a few dials. And that, my friends, is how a 30 day past due invoice becomes a 180+ days past due invoice.

Are you saving money now?

When it is all said and done, outsourcing collections to a third party collections agency leads to better outcomes and lower costs. Call our Houston Collection Agency or Dallas collection agency office today and we can start collecting. Your staff is gonna love you for it.