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Does Southwest Recovery Charge Up Front Fee For Collections Services?

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Collection Agency FAQ Videos | 0 comments

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The short answer: No. You only pay for results.

Our professional debt collectors in Dallas and Houston make considerable effort to collect every dollar owed on past due accounts and court ordered judgements nationwide. We have the trained staff, CRM, and call center technology to do the job right. However, despite best efforts not every debt is collectible.

The good news is that when you assign an account to Southwest Recovery you know that considerable effort was made to collect the debt. We track everything. Number of attempts, interactions, etc. There are no lingering doubts about the quality and consistency of effort made to collect the money you are owed. You know the job was done right. If the debt was collectable…. we would have collected it.  Period.

The even better news is that since Southwest Recovery is a contingency collection agency you don’t pay for effort. You only pay for results!

As a contingency collection agency with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas you know we are on your side because we don’t get paid unless we collect money you are owed. Think of all the time and money you are saving having Southwest Recovery make all those calls instead of internal staff who are doing more than just collections.

Simply put, outsourcing your collections to a contingency collection agency like Southwest Recovery makes a lot of since because it doesn’t cost you anything unless we get results, and you save a lot of money no matter what.