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A few years ago we produced this video that talks about how we combine retail and commercial collection strategies in a way that delivers higher payouts and faster results to our customers.

One thing that makes Southwest Recovery Services different is we don’t tie our hands by thinking we only do commercial or consumer collections. Sure, we have to follow the laws as they relate to the situation, but being knowledgeable on both the consumer and business rules means we aren’t wearing blinders. Southwest Recovery Services is a collection agency period. We find opportunities other collection agencies miss simply because we use all the tools available to us under the law.

Enjoy the video!


Welcome to Southwest Recovery Services.

Southwest Recovery Services is so much more than just a business collection agency since we also handle retail collections. This enables us to be the top collection agency in America today. Let me show you how this works.

We recently had a commercial debtor that was unwilling to pay. We found two other people that the businesses owed money too. This allowed us to place the company into receivership. That company, which by the way claimed they were flat broke, avoided forced liquidation by sending us a rather larger cashiers check the very next day.

A strictly commercial collection agency would have missed this opportunity since they don’t understand how retail collection effects commercial collection and vice versa.

Southwest Recovery Service’s knowledge of both retail and commercial collections, and the latest laws concerning both, are just some of the reasons why so many companies have changed from their current strictly commercial or retails collection agency to Southwest Recovery Services.

So contact Southwest Recovery Services today and experience what other companies have known about for over 20 years, and why we retain 99% of our clients on a monthly basis.