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Mr. Dietz,

I just wanted to put in writing a THANK YOU for all that Ken Jones with your company did for us. This was not the normal type of collection that was simply a past due account.

Mr. Jones kept in contact with us thru the whole process and when it came time to go to court he was there every step of the way. We would not have gotten the monies back on this check had it not been for you and Ken Jones.

I am very grateful as this was a very complicated collection. I’m the one that made the mistake so it was very personal for me. I truly never thought we would see any monies on this collection and you came through.

I would not hesitate to refer your company as being professional and getting results.

Thanks for all you did.

Cindi Shelton

Leisure Living Pools, Inc.

Thank you for keeping current on everything. We do not have anything new at this time. We are very small . I did recommend your company to some other people, though. We are pleased with your service.
Sandy Weiers

Commercial Collection

Let me begin with telling you Thank you for all that you and your company does with collection.

As I told you from the beginning this is a new process for us and I am learning as we go. Our corporate office uses another collection agency collection agency. They have advised me that the collection company fee is added onto the debt that is collected from the past customer. Is it possible that your company can do that?

We have positive feedback from owners who have received money however they are not very understanding with the fee they forfeit in the process. Please advise.

Lori Fisher

Office Manager, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Management Company, Inc.

I wanted to tell you that I spoke with Sandra over at Emergency Vet Clinic and she had wonderful things to say about you. She said that you have already got a lot of their money back for them. She said that she has been giving you some of her meanest clients too. Just wanted to pass on the good word.
Regina Backlund

Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable, Animal Medical Hospital

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help and understanding Southwest Recovery Services (SRS) has shown in dealing with me during my problems with a bill. I received a bill of $1,317 in July of 2016 for laboratory services, which was supposedly for the difference of what my insurance paid for and what the laboratory expected to receive. When I received the bill in July I immediately called my Dr’s office and they stated they would look into the matter and have it resolved. I never received another bill or any correspondence from the testing laboratory or the Dr’s office so I assumed that all was taken care of. On 10/13/14 I received a phone call from a collection agent working for SRS who indicated they were hired to collect a bill from me in the amount of $ 1,317. I called the SRS agent back and explained my story that I thought the bill was taken care of and that the testing laboratory should have at least sent me another bill or two before turning my bill over to a collection agency. I explained that I never would have just let a bill sit without doing something about it if I had known anything at all about it or that someone thought I owed them money. The SRS agent was not mean or impolite, she just did not seem to believe my story or she just did not care. I was informed that if I did not pay the credit report agencies would eventually be informed and my credit rating would be damaged. I told her I would get in touch with my Dr’s office and the testing laboratory and straighten the matter out. I then frantically wrote emails to the testing laboratory asking them to stop the bill collector activities as I was never informed they were trying to collect money and I did not know that I owed them any monies. I also tried to contact my Dr’s. Office to find out what they had done to resolve the situation in July. Unfortunately the billing clerk was on vacation so I could not get the problem resolved via the Dr’s. Office.

By then I was very nervous and agitated as$1300 is a lot of money and I was worried about my credit rating. No one seemed to care or even believe that I had not received any bills other than the first one and I felt I was being improperly billed. I then received a call from someone stating they were the owner of SRS and that he was not happy with how his agent had responded to my requests and statements and that he was going to look over the information and get back to me. I did not know what to think, perhaps they were playing bad cop good cop? Anyway he left me his number and I returned his call. He told me he would look over my claims and account and have his insurance expert look over my bill to determine what would be an appropriate payment rather than the $1317 original bill and get back to me. He was true to his word. The next day his insurance expert called me and asked if I could live with a bill that was approximately what my insurance company would have paid the testing laboratory. We agreed and I paid the reduced amount.

In closing, I wanted to thank Southwest Recovery Services for the fair treatment and excellent services they provided to me as the debtor. I never expected to be treated with such respect and receive the help I received from a debt collection agency.

Thank You,

Mark Kilpatrick

Pittsburgh, PA

We got our check today. Thanks!!!! Y’all are so much better than what we had before.
Erin Landis

Specialized Property Management, Inc.

I have been using the assistance of Southwest Recovery Services for one year now. Their process is simple and efficient. The representatives are friendly and they get the job done! I recommend Southwest to anyone who’s in the business of getting their money’s worth and their money back!
Sarah Chung

The Home Team, Inspection Service

Thank you for doing your job! Only service I’ve ever used in 25 years in the medical business (damn that makes me feel old) that has done the job correctly and efficiently.
Dani Huffman

Steven, you guys ROCK! Thanks so much!
Dr. Trev. Dixon


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