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It’s that time of the month, money collection time. But, once again, when you request the money, nothing happens. The debt collection process can be a huge headache for business owners and has the ability to negatively affect your cash flow and accounts receivables. No business owner wants to deal with this, so we have provided five tips for debt collective to ease the process.

1). Establish Direct Relationships

If you have a distant relationships with your clients, it’s easy for them to ignore you completely. If this happens, your chances of receiving your money are slim to none. Therefore, it’s vital once you obtain a new customer, to set reasonable expectations and create a strong relationship. By having an open, positive, and helpful relationship with your customers from the start, you create mutual respect. Thenceforth, when you explicitly request your money, the client feels the obligation to pay.


2). Increase Communication

Nowadays, we live in the electronic communication age. Consequently, invoices and bills can easy get lost in the never-ending chain of emails and texts customers receive on a daily basis. It is resourceful as a business owner to expand your lines of communication. This can include sending physical letters to a customer’s home or even speaking to them over the phone. Any way you can make sure your client is listening is optimal.

Not only should a business owner increase the lines of communication, it’s beneficial to increase the overall amount of communication. Although this can be a pain, sometimes constantly being in your customer’s ear is the necessary step it takes to get your money.

3). Check our Customers Before they Become Customers

Although it might not be an option for all sized businesses, looking into a customer’s background can tell you a great deal about himself or herself. One of the easiest ways to ensure you receive your money is to not get into business with those customers who have a past of not paying their bills. The fastest way a business owner can find out this information is by  running credit reports and investigating outstanding reports.


4). Document, Document, Document

Documenting everything is one of the most important key concepts to safeguard your money. Make sure to document all agreements, conversations, and any outstanding debt made between yourself and a customer. Having up-to-date records of all exchanges is not just helpful in a dispute, but can be crucial if you have to take a customer to court.


5). Call in the Big Guns

If debt collection grows out of your control, the easiest way to collect your money is to hire a debt collection agency. This is what they deal with on a daily basis. So, they have a complete understanding of the most effective and efficient ways to get your money back to you. There is no need to drain yourself through the debt collection process, call an agency, sit back, and watch your money come back to you.