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How do debt collectors deal with the ever-stalling and hem-hawing of the consumers they call? Many debt collectors consider it a part of the job. The important thing to remember for debt collectors is that you’re dealing with people with distinct personalities, and it helps to understand who the person is and where they’re coming from. 

Here are a few tips on how to collect debt smoothly and swiftly with a little help from personality-based advice.

Personality Styles

Everyone has a different way of approaching life, and fortunately, debt collectors willing to do a little investment in their people skills can negotiate the debt collection much more effectively. Different people respond in different ways to debt callers,  and personality type affects the excuses you’ll hear over the phone. Here are a few kinds of people you may run into over the phone when collecting debt and how to negotiate collection with each one.

1). The People Pleaser

This type of person will immediately start making apologies to the debt collector and try and find a means of making things right. Since this type of person is eager to please, debt collection may go faster than usual. A good strategy would be to find a common ground, which would usually be to pay the whole amount right away.

2). The Head-in-the-Clouds

This person is usually is not focused on their money. They often find it easy to banter with debt collectors or joke about the amount they owe. Their debt could be unpaid because they simply forgot to pay it, or got busy and distracted. Callers must help these types stay focused so they can have their debt paid before they finish the call. Having a fun banter and establishing good communication goes a long way to collecting the money for the account.

3). The Intellectual

This person may be difficult to convince of something they do not agree with. First, respond to their feelings and affirm their position so that the conversation can move in the right direction. This may end up being a longer phone call, but establishing a great relationship with them can go a long way toward getting the debt paid.

4). The Independent-Minded

This type of consumer will do most of the talking when it comes to information about their own account, so it’s in the debt collector’s best interest to listen in first. Getting a manager on the line is another good step in the right direction toward collecting their full debt. With this person, it’s best to let them do the talking and involve staff in authority so they trust you can handle their debt situation properly.

5). Emotions

Emotions are another huge part of the world of negotiating debt collection. Since emotions may escalate rapidly during a debt collection call, it’s important to understand where customers are coming from so you can work with them and assuage their excuses regarding nonpayment.

6). The Amicable Type

This person is every debt collector’s dream come true. They’re the agreeable types who acknowledge that they need to pay a debt and would like to solve their issue immediately. Although it may seem like the exception rather than the rule, these types of people do exist.

7). The Defensive Type

The defensive type is quite common with debtors from Gen X. The defensive debtor – although they haven’t paid – typically will not give their reasons as to why. Establishing some common ground with a defensive type goes a long way towards collecting the debt.

8). The Apathetic Type

For apathetic types, debt isn’t their biggest concern. The usual factor is circumstances – if health issues brought about a massive medical debt, the weight of the circumstances may be enough stress as it is before they start worrying about money. Empathize and offer your condolences could go a long way toward resolving this issue.

When overcoming objections to debt collection, it’s important with all types to validate their feelings, help them feel good about the situation, and offer your services as something you can do for them, not vise versa. 

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